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New Vacation Rental Website Quickly Drives 100+ Inquiries For Host

Posted by Jay William on 10/18/2017

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Can A New Vacation Rental Website Break Through The Market?

There have been some who have doubted the ability of a new vacation rental listing site to develop traction in, what seems to be, a very saturated market. Have you?

Although we have a ways to go to reach our long-term goals, we’re witnessing it happen right before our eyes!

If you knew about BreakAway Vacation Rentals when it was just an idea, you may have thought it was very ambitious.

To be honest, it kinda was. But I took the jump because I didn’t see any other marketers in our space moving to create a solution for owners and managers struggling against the giants.

While I blog, teach and help owners and managers with their marketing, I didn’t feel that was enough to make a significant change for the big picture.

Owners and managers needed a tool they can use to replace the ones they used to rely on. So that’s when I began creating the solutions for you.

After our initial announcement to subscribers, we revealed a private viewing of our first rough concept of the new BreakAwayVR website.

It wasn’t so great and it definitely wasn’t ready for the mass market at that time but it was our start.

Those who saw the opportunity in the idea and partnership joined early, while others watched from the sideline.

When we started, we had few properties and even fewer inquiries that were being generated from the platform.  We’re now expanding our inventory every day and have opened our market in Europe!

I’m super proud to announce the success we are already achieving. There’s still a tremendous amount of growth that will happen within our platform, but I felt it was important to share this update to let those who’ve been so supportive of our mission to know about the progress.

I also hope this ignites change and helps you rid of the mindset that you, “the little guy” can’t compete in our market with the giants. If you don’t think you can do something, you just won’t!

This has been the most daring project I’ve ever taken on. I mean, I’ve put my name and brand out there in front of the public eye for all to see.

You can say, this is a test of sorts, to see if what I’ve taught really works. As you’ll begin to see, it most certainly does, but only when it’s actually put into practice.

How are we generating the momentum and inquiries on BreakAwayVR? I’ve already shared most of what we’re doing with you in my books, blogs and videos.

What you’re seeing happen are those strategies and principles being put into action.

I’ll be highlighting more progress reports here on the blog so make sure you stay tuned.

Today I want to share the story of one of our Founding Members.

breakaway_vacation_rental_website_listing_reviews_Kevin gave BreakAwayVR a shot. He believed in what we are doing from the start and he’s just shared with me that he’s very happy he took a leap of faith and joined when he did.

Kevin has received a steady climb in inquiries and is expected to continue to see even higher lead generation through BreakAwayVR.

Kevin has received over 100+ inquiries made through the BreakAwayVR platform in just over 3 months. He’s received inquiries from travelers via email and phone, and he said the quality of leads have also impressed him.

Here is what Kevin had to say about BreakAwayVR-

“We have been pleasantly surprised with the results! System is easy to use and have been consistently busy with inquiries since listing! The inquiries keep increasing so we will definitely continue to put some of our other properties with Breakaway as well! We will also be renewing our curb ads for the foreseeable future. The feedback from our travelers has been nothing but excellent! I highly recommend breakaway to any vacation home owner that is looking to rent out what they own!”

-Kevin Curran

If you would like to rent one of his popular vacation rental properties or verify these results with him give him a call at 407-558-0839.

Kevin did, however, do his part by giving us the best material to work with. He followed our 7 tips to improving his vacation rental listing 

If you’re a BreakAwayVR member and have not filled in your owner area or posted reviews, please help us help you by populating this area. People want to read your reviews and learn about you as a host.

While each member’s results will vary, my commitment is to provide each member with success in their own right. I guarantee you will not pay a renewal with us until you’re achieving results!

Thank you all again for your continued support and dedication to our platform!

This is about what we can do together- when we’re focused, supportive, committed and willing to do something to make a difference as a group! I hope this inspires all!


1. Start even though “you’re not ready.” It’s important to take that first step, even though everything isn’t perfect. Starting – creates the momentum to move forward!

2. Let the negative feedback roll off your back. When you share your dreams and visions, some people will only draw from the negative. DO NOT LET IT DISCOURAGE YOU!

3. Never doubt your ability. If you doubt yourself, you allow those thoughts the mind space to take root and keep you planted where you are.

4. Do something different – do something daring! If you don’t do something different, you can expect much of the same for tomorrow. Push yourself to do something daringly different.  Your level of reward depends on how much you dare to risk.

5. Take it upon yourself to make a change! Don’t wait for things to improve, you have to take the steps to begin creating something different than what you see today.

6. Success is a process. True success happens through unwavering commitment and continued steps toward your vision. Don’t  get discouraged if success doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d like it to, stay committed!

7. Set up goals and celebrate each success! We’ve made it far in a very short time because we’ve focused on the small goals which bring us closer to the big picture goal. Celebrate each of the small goals -it will keep you motivated.

7. The little guy can not just survive but thrive in a land of giants!

If you’d like to join some of the most progressive owners, managers and experts who are making a difference – Join The Break Away Movement Today!

We need your support – Together we are powerful!

3 thoughts on “New Vacation Rental Website Quickly Drives 100+ Inquiries For Host

  • Ray Neale. Le Mirage Villa Santai. Bali

    Sometimes, the biggest risk you can take is to take no risk at all!
    Well done Jay for your vision, it deserves and needs to succeed.

    • Thank you Ray for your support! We’re working hard for each of our members and when you put in the work results will follow. We’re glad we have taken the risk and the reward has been amazing. BreakAwayVR has allowed us to help owners and managers in ways that were not possible before. We look forward to continued success for our members! Thanks again Ray!


  • Lynn Cranmer

    We have been a believer in Jay and Breakaway since almost day one. We are starting to see some promising results and know that this is just the beginning. Thanks for helping us “Breakaway” Lynn and Lynn in Los Zacatitos Baja Sur Mexico

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