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Owner Direct Vacation Rentals – Rent From Owners and Managers

Direct Communication With Vacation Rental Owners & Managers

These websites are a “middle man”,  they also get involved between you and the owner or manager who is actually renting the property.

They’re websites filter your emails, so your contact details can’t be shared until the booking has been made.

This is making it difficult for travelers like you to communicate with the owners and managers, for even the most basic questions and customer service.

They intercept these emails and communications to prevent travelers from circumventing the system by going direct to the owners and managers without paying their newly added booking fees.

We don’t think travelers should pay booking fees for just using a website.

These vacation rental websites make it more difficult for everyone to communicate in order to collect their booking fee.  

You also lose the personal help and assistance from owners and managers who know their product, want to speak with you and help you even before you book.

Thank you for using our direct connection service at BreakAwayVR.

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