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HomeAway and VRBO Reviews From Users

Posted by Patrick on 12/18/2017

Have you used HomeAway or VRBO?

What was your experience like with them?

HomeAway and VRBO are basically the same. They are now both owned by Expedia after a 3.9 billion dollar acquisition by Expedia. These vacation rental websites serve many types of customers from owners of vacation rentals, property managers, booking agents, hosts and on the other side of the spectrum – travelers.

If you listed your vacation rentals on their website or booked a vacation home through either of these websites please share your review of HomeAway and VRBO below.

There have been many changes on the HomeAway and VRBO websites. These changes have included new booking fees charged to travelers, trip insurance offerings and controversial policies placed on their vacation rental advertisers.

How have these affected your experience with booking vacation rentals through the HomeAway and VRBO websites? How have they affected your business, vacation and the VR marketplace?

Please leave your praises or complaints below. The community needs to know!


5 thoughts on “HomeAway and VRBO Reviews From Users

  • Robert Beaufort

    I’ve been marketing my rentals on VRBO for over 12 years. I was a big chearleader of theirs and told many owners to list with them. But with all that has gone wrong, they have lost my business. I won’t be renewing my listing with them when they expire in 2018. They’ve become so difficult to work with. I cant even find my listings on their website. I used to be on the first page for my location but now I’ve dropped so far on their list no one sees my properties. I have almost all 5 star ratings and have been on their site for a long time yet new homes with less flattering reviews rank above mine. None of what they’re doing makes sense. I’m done!

  • Chelsea

    HomeAway has really gone to the wayside with this one. They have lost my trust and I will not be renewing in 2018.

  • Hello,

    I’ve been registered in VRBO since 2008, then at Home Away and this year at VRBO, like many others I’ve had good / good returns for several years, then almost nothing from Home Away together with misconduct from Home Away then returned to VRBO who immediately had to adapt to group policies.
    It is not acceptable that these platforms force us to accept the almost ousting of the owners or managers of the reception facilities, then these last news about the near future seem illegal to me. I propose to unite and submit a complaint of these prevarications, is there any legal expert who gives us information about it?

    I have been a member of BreakAway since last September in order to counter this overwhelming power.

    I hope that someone answers me and that together, but we must be many, we start concrete actions of opposition and we reappropriate the promotion and management of our structures.


  • Laura Bowers

    As a traveler I booked a vacation home in San Diego with them and after our stay, I realized that I was charged a booking fee of $327. I asked the owner why was I charged this fee and what was it for. The owner told me it wasn’t a fee from them. This fee was not clear at the invoice that it was from Home Away. They are not transparent about the fee they’re charging . There should be laws about sites fee transparency. It was a hard lesson learned. I didn’t get anything from that money they charged me. I WILL NOT use VRBO or Homeaway in the future! Thank you for letting me vent!

  • Leonard Carroll

    Is it just me as a home owner who is so frustrated with HomeAway and how they rank your property.I’ve never had to reach out to a community but hope that someday I will get them to change a simple feature that benefits everyone. or this message might one day go to the ceo who can really question my points !

    It’s very hard to keep things short with your Homeaway experiences as an owner as we all know how there customer service wastes your time and never seems to be able to solve an issue. But just submit a request. Sometimes I just have to explain my case in layman’s terms to actually make them understand. Even though it’s probably not there fault.

    Here is my case:

    I was a subscriber , from around 2010.
    Had a bronze package plus all the extras and was doing very well on Homeaway until they changed the system to the pay per booking model. Since then(2016) I have not got one booking.

    The main problem I see is when you type in the search your holiday destination, it gives you properties over 30km away. And even though you might be located exactly in that destination your property could be listed after those 30km away!!!!

    This is absolutely STUPID!!!!
    I’m exaggerating a little but that’s like typing New York and getting properties in Boston!!! What braindead developer or project manager came up with this !!!

    Customer services said to me I have to use Homeaway sort and click on distance from downtown!!! Why in God’s name would I have to do this, I already typed in the destination!!!

    That’s like booking a flight to New York and them asking you we’re would you Like to Land !!!!!!

    Listings should just be set by your location, it’s not rocket science ! But yet nothing has been done. The funny thing is if it’s a pay per booking Homeaway benefit on the commission.

    Please if customer services want to tackle the above matter make sure you have a decent answer or let your superiors answer because the best I’ve had so far is that’s the way the system is !

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