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BreakAwayVR Launches Vacation Rental Website To Help Owners and Managers Break Away From Fees!

Posted by Jay William on 06/20/2017

BreakAway Vacation Rentals Launches


Today is the big day!

It’s the official launch of to the public.

Development for began in February, shortly after HomeAway announced they were removing the contact details of owners and property managers from their vacation rental listings.

That’s when we said enough is enough!

We knew we had to help owners, managers, and travelers “Break Away” from the corporate giants, booking fees, and unfair business practices. That’s when was born.

We’re fighting back and taking action for our vacation rental businesses.

It’s time to Break Away from the corporate agenda!

It’s time to Break Away from commissions and booking fees!

It’s time to Break Away from restrictions and policies that hold our rental businesses back!

We hope you’ll join us. Support from you and the vacation rental community is important.

If we join together, unify our efforts, and make travelers aware of inflated booking fees by offering them the alternative, we can make a difference.

I created (short for as an alternative to HomeAway and VRBO.

We’ve been behind the scenes working on building BreakAwayVR with a very supportive group of owners and managers beta testing the site.

With the help and feedback of the community, we’ve been able to develop a high-quality professional website that’s already providing owners and managers with inquiries and direct bookings.

The best part is since BreakAwayVR does not charge commissions or extra booking fees to anyone, you and the traveler both save money.

Now that inquiries are being generated from the site, it’s time to bring others on board and open the door to the public.

Why We’re Not Free

We’ve carefully considered our market approach, and for several reasons, we’ll need to charge a fee for the dedicated vacation rental advertising service necessary to provide results. I’ll explain…

We’re committed to operating BreakAwayVR with integrity and transparency.

Vacation rental websites often say their service is “free to list.” Suddenly they decide to change the rules by adding fees and/or commission charges. That won’t happen here!

Our promise is to be transparent, fair, and considerate in all business decisions we make.

In order to make your property a success, it’ll take work and commitment. That’s why we’ve hired a team of experienced vacation rental professionals to support and serve you.

To deliver results we market each property individually to ensure that every home is getting dedicated exposure on and off the BreakAwayVR website.

Our diversified advertising strategy promotes your property on BreakAwayVR and on other directories, online exposure channels, and websites to get the word out about your property.

We’ll aggressively drive traffic to your listing pages through a marketing campaign tailored to promote your property pages.


A dedicated property marketing campaign requires resources, time, and money.

We are 100% self-funded. Being debt-free and independent allows us to keep BreakAwayVR owner and manager centric without the pressures from shareholders to squeeze members for more money.

This also means that we need funding for each property that’s promoted on the BreakAwayVR platform.

Unfortunately, when you offer a free vacation rental listing site many who will list their properties are only in it to get something for free and won’t support the community and its purposes.

Our goal is to create an alliance with committed owners and managers who want the same things from a vacation rental platform and are willing to support a movement to Break Away from unfair listing services.

We want to focus on promoting the rentals of the owners and managers who are participating rather than taking resources away from them to give to people who aren’t contributors.

Please support us and maximize our impact.

Transparency With Marketing Reports

As a member, you’ll receive regular reports of marketing progress so you can see the effective advertising services we’re providing for you.

Exclusive Vacation Rental Marketing Resources For Your Business

You’re joining more than “a vacation rental listing site.”

BreakAwayVR offers an exclusive membership with benefits designed to elevate your business, educate its members, and maximize bookings.

BreakAwayVR is the first vacation rental listing site that offers its own formal training courses and material.

I want to help the community who supports this movement as much as I possibly can.

That’s why I’m equipping members with the knowledge to become better, independent, and high producing rental owners and property managers.

As a member, you’ll get access to my top-shelf premium content, which includes video courses, ebooks, tutorials, podcasts, and marketing guides.

These are exclusive marketing tools and business resources that I charge for, but as an early member, you’ll receive as part of your subscription.

In these resources, I expose my best tips, hacks, and marketing secrets that I only share with clients.

The training material is called “Rentalier.” This high-quality content covers topics like domain names, social media, SEO, branding, website design, sales strategies, business development, content marketing, customer service, inquiry responses, tools, resources, advice, and more. 

The Rentalier program offers professional training with a combined list of resources and courses that altogether sell for over $697 but are invaluable for any vacation rental business.

These exclusive courses and material won’t be offered in the future for free. If you join now you’ll be grandfathered into this program for all future vacation rental marketing material that becomes a part of the Rentalier program.

Read more about The Rentalier program and what the name means here. 

But that’s not all you get as a member…

Vacation Rental Software and Online Booking Tools

I’m determined to provide undeniable value for BreakAwayVR members.

We offer exclusive marketing material, deliver inquiries, and even include vacation rental software as part of your BreakAwayVR subscription.

The online booking software is called Guest Booked.

Unlike other listing sites that offer booking tools, these booking tools can be added to your own website and used to build your independence from unfair listing sites and services.

With Guest Booked you can add your booking calendar to your site and enable online bookings from your own vacation rental website or even your Facebook page.

Bookings and payments go directly to you; we do not intercept transactions.

You’ll set up your form of payment in the Guest Booked dashboard and when a booking is made the money will go straight to you.

Guest Booked syncs with VRBO, HomeAway, and other channels that support ICAL syncing. Keep track of ALL your guests with the Guest Booked reservation manager.

You can read more about Guest Booked here.


We Guarantee Results

When you list your vacation rental with BreakAwayVR you have the peace of mind of a guaranteed return on investment.

We guarantee you’ll receive a positive return on your marketing investment and you won’t pay us another dime until you do.

Your listing will stay live on the site until you receive a positive return on your marketing investment.

You will also receive full membership benefits including use of the powerful Guest Booked booking software, exclusive paid material such as videos, courses, ebooks, and training material.


It’s Time to BreakAway! Join Now

No Booking Fees
No Commissions
Flat Annual Subscription Fee
Dedicated Property Marketing
Owner and Manager Friendly
Exposure to Millions of Travelers
Exclusive Rentalier Marketing Training
Guest Booked Rental Software Included
Results Guaranteed!

43 thoughts on “BreakAwayVR Launches Vacation Rental Website To Help Owners and Managers Break Away From Fees!

  • I’m interested.

  • Jacquie

    Do you offer a credit card processing service?

    • JayWilliam

      Hi Jacquie, owners are all using different systems to process their payments. We prefer to not get in the middle of the transaction in any way. We do offer several ways to integrate payments via PayPal and your merchant/bank account. We do provide a secure website connection so you can process payments securely. If there is a specific need for a payment processor please let me know – we may be able to help. Thanks for participating Jacquie

  • Did you know the HA announcement that was being made today? Great timing! Very motivating for those of us on the “fence” even though wanting to support your new endeavor! Just pushed me over, I will be listing.
    Thank you Jay,

    • JayWilliam

      Thank you Wendy!

  • Can you be more specific on what a positive return on your marketing investment means please.

    • JayWilliam

      HI Violet, each property is different so I can’t promise a set return on an investment amount. What I can say is that you will not lose your money. The service provided has to have provided more than you paid for it. To me, it’s simply about the value to our users and our commitment to ensure we provide that value for our supporters.

  • I am interested! I have questions and would like to speak to someone. Please send me a way to contact you!

    • JayWilliam

      Hi Terry, the launch has kept us very busy. Today was bigger than even yesterday. Thank you for your patience. Please send me an email Look forward to connecting with you.

  • Elizabeth Bass

    I have a new construction home with a guest house and and another studio with private entrance
    Will be built on 3 months
    East boca raton walking distance to restaurants and half mile to beaches

  • You know we have all been waiting for this. Obviously we are concerned that the big guys will make you an offer to buy you cannot refuse so they can nip in the bud any chance of a no fee site getting traction. If you’re in this for the long haul I and the word gets out to both travelers and property owners who need each other, you can be a success.

    • JayWilliam

      Thank you Jack! Lets make a change 🙂

  • i am interested

  • Ed


  • Interested

  • Nansie Benton

    Sounds great! I’ve been waiting for a long time. Where do I find the fees I’d paid

  • shirly chwalowski


  • Dezzi

    Will this website cover Europe?

    • JayWilliam

      Hi Dezzi,
      Yes we will be adding new properties and creating features for the European market. We will be sharing them as well as other features with the community soon. Lots to talk about that will need to be laid out over several discussions and posts. Please help get the word out and share the news. Thanks for your support!

  • Whitney

    Can you explain what this means? When there is a positive return, then what?

    “Your listing will stay live on the site until you receive a positive return on your marketing investment”.

    Thanks for any clarification!

    • jaywww

      Hi Whitney great question. It means that we’ll promote and extend your listing should it expire – with ongoing marketing and updates until you have made money and bookings from your listing. While we will be aggressively marketing your property to provide you with inquiries and bookings we want you to have some piece of mind that you won’t lose money with us.

    • JayWilliam

      Hi Whitney,
      I simply meant that you will not lose your money. The service provided by Breakaway VR has to have provided more than you paid for it. It’s about the value to our users and our commitment to ensure we provide that value for our supporters. Your listing will not be removed when you receive a positive return. If you have any questions or want to chat more, please feel free to shoot me an email at

  • Diane Hower

    I’m definitely interested! Totally over vrbo. How do I join with my 2 vacation homes?

  • Interested! We would consider listing

  • Marilyn

    Interested. Please provide more info

  • Donna Berardo

    Thanks, I’m in. So tired of VRBO/ HomeAway changing the rules every week.

    • JayWilliam

      So glad to hear that Donna! Excited to have you on board. You can check out the different marketing plans here- Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Anything to get control back of our vacation rentals in Costa Rica! I hope you take off and fly high! Thanks for your reply.

  • Interested in your new site–but need more info, can someone contact me please. Wise Old Owl Cabin French Lick Indiana owner

  • Need more info please–sounds like a good new site—

  • Well done Jay!
    The market is definitely ripe for a solution like this. Will take some significant spend and momentum to gain the traffic required to drive bookings. But if done right, and driven by VR managers and for VR managers, this could help lessen the dependency on OTA’s.

    Great time to be in the VR industry actually. Those brands that are innovative and opening up new channels of revenue will thrive and get stronger. Unfortunately, those that don’t, or keep the blinders on will possibly be only a memory as this thins the herd out.

    We’re seeing some big push into new forms of advertising and reaching our core prospects and travelers. This could well be a player in a sound and aggressive marketing plan designed to lessen the dependency on those OTA channels.

  • Jim

    As a consumer, I’m glad to see this. I wanted to book 2 nights in Big Canoe but the fees/cleaning were equal to the rental. I opted to commute! Good luck…

  • Lisa

    Very interesting. I’ll be in touch for more information.

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